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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile: This term is widely used but some people don’t get it right, The Hollywood smile is an objective not certain treatment, the goal to have good aligned teeth , proper shape & with a good color. We can reach this formula by several approaches according to the case like braces then whitening, veneers or crowns. Regarding the color we prefer the natural white colors not the Fake Striking White color unless its the patients request.

 In other words we can reach the WOW smile with different approaches depends on how your teeth look. For example in a case we can reach it by doing a braces then teeth bleaching but it needs in another case we can reach it by treating the gummy smile then making porcelain veneers, in different cases we need to combine more than treatment to reach our goal THE HOLLYWOOD SMILE. Make use of one of our privileges which is FREE CONSULTATION to know how you can reach your perfect smile.

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