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Orthodontics: New Clear Aligners: It’s the new trend in aligning your crooked teeth without need to wear the metallic braces through series of transparent removable aligners which you have to remove it only while eating.

Our teeth tend to slightly become crooked over time, especially if braces were worn as a kid and the retainer instruction were not followed. Straightening your teeth as an adult may seem to be an outreached dream and there may be a long list of reasons why you postpone it…

Our Dentists address your concerns here:

“I don’t want metal braces.” With Invisalign, you don’t wear metal braces. Instead, your teeth are straightened by wearing series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. No one can tell you’ve got the aligners on (unless you tell them).

“It’ll be too much trouble.” Treatment with Invisalign is easy. You’ll receive a series of clear aligners which you’ll wear for about two weeks at a time. You wear them all the time except when you’re eating, drinking anything but water, brushing and flossing.

“It’ll take too long.” We can’t tell you exactly how long treatment will be but Invisalign treatment on average take about one year.

“It’ll be too expensive.” Invisalign treatment is often similar in cost to traditional braces. In addition, We offer an affordable payment method and our offices will be happy to help & serve you to have convenient experience.

Conventional  braces:

When you think of orthodontics you might envision a teenager with a mouthful of metal. The latest advances in orthodontics have made that image a thing of the past. Braces come in a variety of materials and are used increasingly by adults to correct problems with spacing and to address temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

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